My wife and I have moved several times over the last decade.  Each time we move to a new town it is always exciting to explore new shops, restaurants, and surrounding attractions.  And while over time we’ve still enjoyed visiting our favorite spots, the newness inevitably wears off.   Life can sometimes be like moving to a new town.  Over time the newness wears away, along with the excitement and beauty that accompanies it.  It’s always fun to have guests come into town.  It gives us the chance to see things new again.  The same is true in life.  Think of the three questions below as “guests.”  They are meant to help us to see things differently, newly, if you will.  So read carefully, then let me know how you’d answer.

Three questions:

  1. Where did life come from?
  2. Where did information originate from?
  3. Is matter all there is?

How you answer these questions will reveal your belief about the history of the universe, the truth about man, and the reality of God.  One final question after you answer the ones above –  “How did you arrive at each answer above?”

I’ll post my answers in upcoming blogs.