In reference to the quote below, I think the same could be applied to all forms of media, not just books.  May we always listen, read, and watch with discerning hearts and minds, never willing to allow the Devil to get an entrance or a foothold! 

“History will show that bad books have ruined not only individuals but whole nations as well.  What the writings of Voltaire and Rousseau did to France is too well-known of need further mention here.  Certainly the doctrines of Nietzsche appeared again in the mouthings of der Führer and soon became the official party line for Nazi propagandists.  The truth is that thoughts are things and words are seeds.  The printed word may lie unnoticed like a seed through a long winter, only to burn out when a favorable time comes and produce an abundant crop in belief and practice. 

For thousands of young people, the first doubt about God and the Bible came with the reading of some evil book.  We must respect the power of ideas.  Printed ideas are as powerful as spoken ones — they may have a longer fuse, but their explosive power is just as great. 

What all this adds up to is that we Christians are bound  in all conscience to discourage the reading of subversive literature and to promote as fully as possible the circulation of good books and magazines…

Tolerance of noxious literature is not a mark of intellectual size — it may be a mark of secret sympathy for evil.  The desire to appear broad-minded is  not easy to overcome, because it is rooted in our ego and is simply a none-too-suble form of pride.  In the name of broad-mindedness many a Christian home has been opened to literature that sprang not from a broad mind but from a little mind dirty and polluted with evil. 

We require our children to wipe their feet before entering the house.  Dare we demand less of the literature that comes into our home?”  [Emphasis added]  A.W. Tozer, “This World: Playground or Battleground?”, pp. 34-35.