Although I enjoy some of John MacArthur’s teaching, I must admit I was saddened to hear his dissertation at a conference from a couple years ago on why God allows evil.  I’ve always thought of MacArthur as ‘moderate’ Calvinist, but after listening to what he had to say at this conference and the characterizations he made of those who don’t believe as he does, I must conclude he is not moderate in the Calvinist concept of God’s sovereignty. 

I praise God for how much truth John MacArthur has taught over the years, but sadly in this area his teaching has unknowingly stripped the reality of God’s love from the hearts and minds of those who might blindly follow what is being taught.  In his talk, MacArthur asks the question something like this, “Why would God create Adam and Eve knowing they would sin?”  This cannot be answered by those who simply believe in free will.” (Paraphrase)

The answer to this question does not rest upon the sovereignty, but rather the love of God.  MacArthur does say several times that God does not literally create evil, but then he also says, “Scripture tells us He is absolutely sovereign.  By that I mean He is absolutely in charge of everything! God is control of everything, everything.  He controls everything. He created everything out of nothing. He controls everything. And He will consummate everything.  He is governing history in every minute detail.  There is not one molecule in the universe that is out of alignment with His will.”

For what, in my opinion, is a more careful and biblical look at the question of why God allows evil, see my previous blog which was taken from The Berean Call (  “Love is the Key” at-

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