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“Indeed, evolution answered nothing. Neither did its mother, the big bang. They seemed little more than a comic book fairytale. I saw them as absurd, baseless, and fantastical hypotheses mired down by one conjecture upon another, while conveniently overlooking the most important questions. Even as a tween I realized this feeble attempt to account for the universe had four glaring gaps: the beginning, the end, the origin of life, and especially the existence of intellectual and moral beings.”  ~Desmond P. Allen, 2008, http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/arj/v1/n1/unification-theory

“Even though we live in the world’s most advanced civilization, we have been betrayed by our teachers — tragically and cruelly betrayed by our teachers!  Years ago our teachers told us the world was getting better.  They supposed that because we have become brilliant toy makers, we had also become morally good toy makers.  It is true we have invented and developed and discovered all kinds of brilliant new toys.  And so our teachers have concluded that we must be better because we know so much more!”

“But one little thing has been overlooked in their preoccupation with our wonderful new ability to take the forces of nature and harness them.  Our scientific and intellectual advances were not accompanied by similar moral strides.”

“Technology, instead of making us morally better, has been accompanied by a time of moral disintegration. Do not quote me as saying that science has made us bad.  But science has not made us [morally] better.” A.W. Tozer, “Faith Beyond Reason”, pp. 123-124.

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