“The will is like a wise mother in a nursery; the feelings are like a set of clamoring, crying children.  The mother makes up her mind to a certain course of action which she believes to be right and best.  The children clamor against it and declare it shall not be.  But the mother, knowing that she is mistress and not they, pursues her course lovingly and calmly in spite of all their clamors; and the result is that the children are sooner or later won over to the mother’s course of action, and fall in with her decisions, and all is harmonious and happy.  But if that mother should for a moment let in the thought that the children were the masters instead of herself, confusion would reign unchecked.  And in how many souls at this very moment is there nothing but confusion, simply because the feelings are allowed to govern, instead of the will.”  The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, Hannah Whitall Smith, p.64-65.